Common Carpet Problems

July 13, 2017

Carpet flooring adds classic tastes and warm ambiance appeal to your home. Usually laid throughout the home or office, carpet is constantly collecting stain and thus can be easily damaged especially if it is not well cared and maintained. As a result, there are many problems which commonly occur on carpet flooring depending on the way the carpet is used. The article below aims to give you a closer look at how you can prevent your carpet from being damaged.


Carpet shedding is one of the typical problems in carpet flooring. This often occurs to a new carpet. A lot of times, carpet owners have a wrong perception of shedding as the salesperson commonly forgets to mention that your new carpet would shed a lot after it is lodged to your home. But there is no need to panic. Your carpet will not get bald, as it will stop shedding gradually. Most shedding in a new carpet will stop with a few month if regular vacuuming is applied. Shedding is inevitable, but a minimal degree of shedding will not hurt your carpet. As such, it is advisable to place new carpet to low traffic area and not to use a vacuum cleaner with hard or aggressive bristles to reduce shedding. If you are annoyed by the shedding or worried that loose fibers may affect your kids or pets, the alternative solution is to purchase carpets  with Continuous Filament fiber, i.e. labeled either “BCF”, “CF” or “CFN” on the carpet market.

Continuous Filament fiber is one type of long and continuously stand of fiber that will not break apart. Thus carpets made with continuous filament fiber tends to have minimal shedding and fuzzing. While staple fibers are composed of shorter strands of fiber from 3-10 inches long, and thus the Staple fiber is more susceptible to shedding.

Carpet Matting or Crushing

Flattened carpet is caused by crushing and matting problems. This is due to the untwisted fibers and loss of pile thickness. This often occur when carpet fibers experience a certain amount of pressure like heavy footing or furniture.  This problem may occur to the carpets inevitable, especially in high traffic areas. But there are ways to prevent and limit your carpet from crushing and thus to prolong the lifespan of your carpet. If problem persist, contact your local carpet cleaner provider to get a professional treatment.



Color Fading     

Fading can be caused by too much exposure to UV Light or direct sunlight, humidity, and heat. Carpet hue features can also fade due to improper care such as using harsh and strong cleaning chemicals, household substance and lack of proper cleaning procedures. The best wat to avoid this problem is to implement carpet maintenance plan. Reconstruct the damaged area back to its natural color by getting professional help to re-dye your carpet. Some carpet manufacturers also apply fade resistance to their product.

Filtration or Soiling

These usually appear as dark or grayish lines or bank soils marks found on edges of the room or stairs, under doorways. Filtration arises due to poor ventilation system and pollutant in the air, which may be trapped or filtered in the carpet. Filtration or soiling can be avoided by regularly vacuuming specifically the edges.  Pollutants can also be reduced through avoiding smoking inside the house, burning candles, and keeping interior doors open to allow better ventilation. However, if filtration or soiling really occurs, it is still the best to hire and contact your local carpet cleaning professionals for water extraction treatment.

Tears or Split Seam

This problem tends to occur to old aged carpets in high trafficked areas or with improper installation. Split seam or tear in carpet can be a problem in both residential or commercial areas. If your carpet seams are appearing, you should immediately tape the edges of the carpet.

Hwoever, ultimately, this is just a temporary remedy and the seam will likely appear again. So the only long term solution is to contact carpet professionals for treatment. 


Pile Reversal    

Every carpet has a unique pile direction in which the carpet fiber goes. Pile reversal can occur on all carpet types over time. This effect can be noticeable if you look at your carpet from one end of the room and observes that some parts of the carpet have different shading to other parts. This problem most commonly occurs due to poor installation and regular traffic flow on your carpet.



This is a widely known form of a pile reversal. Waterpooling refers to a certain area of carpet that look like watermarked. There is no confirmed cause of this strange carpet phenomenon.  However, some speculate about static electricity charge within the affected area, the air flow swirling lines of pooling’s area,or adjacent to subfloor of high trafficked areas.



Not very often, a slight tuft will sprout over the carpet’s surface. If this occurs in your carpet, simply get a pair of scissors to cut off or shred the sprouting tuft. Do not use a knife and NEVER pull the stands out from the carpet as this may cause more permanent damage.



This is an electrical charge that can be generated either by friction or induction. In carpet, nylon carpet produces more electrical charge than polyester and wool. Humidity will solve the problem of static carpet. As such, adding moisture to the air with humidifier can help. Alternatively, you can also keep plants in the room which can regularly to add moisture to the air. There are also spray-on products for anti-static available in the market.

If you would like to know more detailed information about common carpet problems, please see this link.

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