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July 13, 2017

Carpet installation is important in interior designing. We all want to feel the comfort and relaxation every time we step our feet inside our home. Most homeowners find it critical to choose the right type of carpet for their houses. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that we need to consider before buying one: the material, design, durability, resiliency, comfort and of course the price. If you are unsure, you may contact some professional carpet companies to know more about carpet materials.

Below are the lists of the major carpet materials. We hope that this article will help you understand what is the right type of carpet material for you.



Nylon carpet pile fabric is the popular choice of most homeowners. If you are unsure of which carpet materials to use, you can't go wrong with nylon carpet. It is well proven that nylon is the most durable synthetic carpet material in the market, making it the top-notch carpet choice for commercial spaces and heavy traffic areas in the household. One big advantage of nylon carpet is its stain- and water- resistance. Furthermore, it is also less prone to mildew and mold compare to other carpet fibers. However, you have to keep in mind that all carpet fibers require proper maintenance and care. Nylon material does have the ability to resist stain, but it is also important to immediately clean any stains and to vacuum the carpet regularly.

Carpet manufacturers also produced soft nylon. This type of material is made for homeowners who are particular about the comfort of the carpet. Soft nylon has finer strands like a baby’s hair that gives a soft and more comfortable touch. However, these advantages come at higher cost and more vulnerablility to damage. There are two types of nylon: 66 and 6. Type 66 is the higher version or premium product produced by well-known carpet manufacturers such as Mohawk, Shaw, and Dupont. While type 6 is the generic or unbranded product, which incurs lower costs. Although both offer durability branded nylon carpet tend to be more resistant to stains.



(PET) Polyester

 If you are an environmentalist, this carpet material is perfect for you. Polyester, made of plastic bottles or non-biodegradable materials, is 100% recycled. The synthetic polyester resistant is also exceptionally resistant to fading. Hence, this carpet material is very popular among homeowners due to its huge varieties of textures and colors. Polyester carpet is also resistant to stain and non-allergenic material.  It casts off moisture and resists molds and mildew. However, like Olefin, Polyester carpet is also prone to shedding and oil-based stain. This material is also poor in resiliency. As a result, polyester carpets are vulnerable to crushing due to it soft fiber. Therefore, we will not recommended this material in high -traffic areas.




 Better known as "Olefin". Olefin has one of the lowest pricing in the market, making it very popular among homeowners. Another advantage of Olefin is that this fiber is very resistant to stain. Olefin carpets are generally preferred in outdoor carpeting due to it resistance in mildew, water damage and moisture. However, this does not include oil-based stain, which polypropylene is rather prone to. The major disadvantage of Olefin carpet is its lack of resiliency. It gets crushed or flattened easily and subsequently looks dull and dirty. Another drawback of Olefin is its poor abrasion resistance. It can be easily permanently damaged once furniture is dragged over an Olefin carpet. As a result, you need to lift your furniture up whenever moving it to avoid spoilage. This is the reason why Olefin is not recommended in high traffic areas or busy establishments such as schools or airports. Despite these setbacks, this fiber still provides value and good performance if properly constructed and maintained.




Wool carpet is superior to the other materials in terms of durability and resiliency. It can stand high traffic and does not easily crush or matte down. In fact, some wool carpets can last for more than one decade if well treated and properly maintained. Another advantage of wool is its kid-friendliness since it is a hypoallergenic fiber, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who do not want their kids to be exposed to chemicals. In addition, wool is also stain-resistant because soil stain and oil-based stain are less visible in wool carpet. In addition, aside from its unique comfort and softness, this luxurious carpet is also an excellent insulator and natural fire resistant. It may burn but it will not melt down and thus it stops fire from spreading out throughout the house.Wool is a premium fiber material in the carpet industry. Wool offers remarkable comfort and softness compared to other synthetic fibers. Wool is a 100% eco-friendly material, as it is made from delicately shaved sheep's fur. Despite its benefits, the supply of wool is rather limited and thus wool is usually used as an elite material. It is definitely one of the most expensive

Wool carpet offers a lot of benefits, but like the other materials, this fiber also has drawbacks. Wools absorb water, making it susceptible to mildew, moist and moth. However, Most branded wool product are permanently mothproofed. Wool also gets faded when it is overly exposed to the sun.


 Triexta is a neophyte in the carpet industry, mostly known on their brand name as SmartStrand or Sorona. This material used to be considered as a type of polyester. However, big carpet manufacturers have proven that PPT is so different that it is generally categorized independently on its own now. Triexta may be new in the carpet market but its sale volume is increasing rapidly. This material is excellently stain resistant and it offers better comfort than nylon and polyester. This fiber does not absorb moisture and tough stains such as red wine. Even ketchup can be easily removed with mild detergent and warm water. This material is also supposed to be more durable. However, since it only appears in the market recently, its durability has not been fully tested. Triexta is also an eco-friendly version of nylon, as it is partially made of corn glucose as an alternative to petroleum. Even the price of Triexta is less costly than nylon, while the only major disadvantage of Triexta is the lack of track record.


Each fiber material has their own benefits and setbacks. We hope that by this point, you should have a better idea of what carpet type is the best for your personal style. But keep in mind that the most important thing is to properly maintain your carpets. If you want to know more about carpets, here is a good link.


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