Why hire a Carpet Pro?

July 13, 2017

Why hire a Carpet Pro?

Carpet gives warm and comfort to our home so we want to keep it clean and good-looking.  Regular vacuuming helps to maintain its cleanliness and protect it from stain and grit that may spoil the carpet fibers. However, carpet is rather prone to dirt. Usually carpets are installed on the floor, they are very exposed to dirt and stains, which can make the carpet floor look soiled and old. Although most carpet materials are stain resistant, stubborn stains and dirt do collect on our beloved carpets. Hence, carpets still need to be cleaned by the cleaning professionals from time to time to maintain the quality of the carpet.

There are different types of carpet cleaning methods used by the professionals depending on the needs of the carpet. This article aims to give you a better idea of each method to better understand why our carpet needs professional help.

Hot Water Extraction

Professionally known as HWE, this procedure is like a steam cleaning. This method involves a machine that sprays heated water mixed with cleaning chemicals on the carpet. Preconditioning begins by spraying chemicals into the carpet, experts usually uses ammonia solution for synthetic-made carpet while woolen carpets get acidic solution such as vinegar. Automatic scrubbing machine will then be used to shake off the dirt and soil before rinsing out thoroughly all the residue and dirt along with the chemicals using a pressure water sprayer. Professionals vacuum the carpet repeatedly at the same time to ensure all dirt particles are removed thoroughly. After that, the carpets are left in a dry room or air-conditioned temperature to ensure complete dryness. However, this method involves very high cost and requires big machines, so a lot of times it may not be the desirable method in compact space.

Dry Cleaning

This method was introduced during the 80s. Dry Cleaning took the carpet cleaning industry by storm as it is relatively effective and less time-consume compared to other methods. This process uses a specialized machine and a powder-like biodegradable compound that spread out throughout the carpet surface and uses rotating brush machine to let the carpet fiber absorb and settle in the chemicals. The cleaning compound then will work like micro-sponges to extract and dissolve dirt in the carpet. Hence, the carpets can be cleaned thoroughly. Professionals repeatedly vacuum the surface completely to remove the cleaning compound along with the particles or debris. However heavy stain or soiled requires manual spotting and pre-treatments for better results.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampoo cleaning is the most long-lasting method in the context of carpet cleaning. This process used a wet shampoo formulated with coconut oil soaps abrade by a rotary machine followed by thorough wet vacuuming that can clean the grit and heavy soiled carpet. The disadvantage of this technology is it takes some time to dry.


Encapsulation technology uses an advanced cleaning solution. The cleaning solution of this method is a detergent mixed with powder cleaning compound which can crystallize and literally encapsulate the soil particles into powder form once it dries. These compound is also known as polymers. After the detergent isolates the soil from fibers. Polymers will powderize the dirt which makes it easy to remove with subsequent vacuuming.




Bonnet Cleaning or spin cleaning is commonly very popular in commercial spaces such as hotels and business offices. This method uses a heavy-duty machine with an absorbent spin and rotating pads soaked in a chemical solution. The pads remove soil and dirt  from the carpets but they are required to be rinsed or replaced frequently. This method is well likedly because it is fairly affordable and less time-consuming. However, some carpet manufacturers do not recommend this cleaning as it is not the most effective way to remove dirt in the long run.



By this time, we hope that you understand why it is important to hire professional cleaning company once in a while to maintain the elegance and cleanliness of our carpet. Professional cleaning experts do a much more thorough job than you can. If you would like to know more about carpet cleaning, please visit this website.


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