Benefits of Carpet Flooring

July 13, 2017

Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Carpet is not just a piece of fiber but also an integral part of the property that gives a grandeur and elegant appeal in interior design. Carpet also offers distinct benefits, making it very popular in the market. Below are the list of benefits beyond its unique appearance and versatility.

Style and Design

Carpet not only enhances the beauty and appearance of any room, but also offers a wide variety of style, texture, patterns, and color. You name it, Carpets have it. It gives you thousands of choices that can satisfy your personal statement and preferences. From elegant to casual, carpets definitely complement any decorative theme in your house. With carpets, you can create any environment you want for each and every room.


Warmth and Comfort

Carpet fibers give comfortable and warm experience in any room. Property users can feel the relaxing coziness of the ambiance through carpet flooring. The comfortable, quiet presence and smooth texture give the room an overall warmer appeal when users sit or lay on the carpet. Thanks to its cushioning and flexible characteristics, carpets have wonderful shock absorption of the footsteps, therefore, making it easier to stand or walk on for a long period of time.


Studies show that carpet can reduce dust in the air, thus contributing to maintaining human health and wellbeing. Researchers claimed that carpet also reduces indoor pollutants related to allergies and asthma. This acts as a passive air filter trapping dust and other pollen particles thus creating a more beneficial environment to those with breathing difficulty. Well maintained carpet purifies the air and diminishes airborne fine particulates. Thus, the air quality of carpeted area is usually better than non-carpeted areas.


Carpet is an excellent thermal insulator -- better than any hard flooring materials. The installation of fitted carpet helps to save both cooling and heating energy, by retaining warm air longer and thus reducing the energy cost of heating and cooling. Carpet also insulates floors from the ground and provides a warm feeling under your feet. Sometimes it even makes heating the room unnecessary, thus adding an even bigger energy saving especially for places that have very cold winters.


Undeniably, most incidents, especially serious injuries, occur on hard surface flooring. Carpet flooring reduces the risk of accidents due to slips and falls. As a result, carpet provides safety protection for the whole family, through the reduced slippery and enhanced soft landing surface if falls do happen. This is one of the best advantages of carpet flooring, because the carpet cushions prevent injury in families with children and senior citizens.


Sound Proof

Not only an excellent heat insulator, carpet also helps to absorb and reduces sounds from our televisions, speakers or any sound system installed at home. Studies show that too much noise affects a person’s health or ability to concentrate. Carpet flooring is an excellent sound-absorbing element. It eliminates excessive noise generated within the house, contributing to a much quieter and more peaceful space.


According to marketing survey, carpet flooring is less costly to purchase than the other hard surface flooring. Proper care of carpet cleaning extends the life cycle of a carpet which makes it more cost effective. In addition, the durability of the carpet is extremely good – if the quality of the carpet is good, with proper maintenance and care, then its beauty can last for a very long time.




Unlike other hard surface floorings, carpet is easier to maintain. On our previous article, there are many remedies and solutions for carpet problems. Carpet cleaning and maintenance even by professional companies is less expensive. Make sure to regularly vacuum the carpets to and to have it cleaned by professionals twice every year. There are professional carpet cleaners who are providing consistently great services to maintain and keep the quality of the carpets.

For more information about the potential of carpets, please visit this website.

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